Farewell: Well, the Class is Over

To my professor and whom ever has been reading my blog,

It sure has been a great journey. I hope you all enjoyed my many blog posts and discussions of the featured music. To my professor, I hope I discussed enough music, because it took me a great deal of time to come this point. Well, I truly enjoyed your class and I have learned a great deal! I came in knowing absolutely nothing about jazz or jazz rock fusion, and I’ve come out knowing so much.

Thank you for everything,



“Romantic Warrior,” 1976

There are a great deal of tremolos that give this song an eerie, oceany feel, but after some time the mood changes. This song features a double bass solo (something Miles Davis likely would not allow. The bass solo is very virtuosic and it’s improvisation is nicely done. This song also features a mandolin solo that is also virtuosic.

“Spain,” Chick Corea

You can definitely hear the attempt to give the song a Spanish feel.  There is a sustained bass notes, a slow sultry piano tune in the beginning. The piano plays a rid and the tune picks up speed. Once this done, the song comes alive. There are claps, castinets, yells, and  a fast rythm. There is also a flute solo that is quite well done.

“Coming Running to Me,” Secrets/Sunlight, 1977

Interstellar image of the Daft Punk duo.

Unlike many of the past songs, this song features a singer. There is a great deal of synthesizer used for the instruments and the vocals. Daft Punk was defiantly influenced by songs such as this, because many of their songs have a similar sound and feel. The album in particular that has the most in common with this tune is the “Interstella 5555 album.” The reasons why it sounds similar is because it has a similar feel and spacy, synthesized instruments and vocals and heavy bass.